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Hussein Dalla comes with a solid 10 year experience and backbone in the substance for fashion consciousness. He is the founder of Art of Suiting, Creative director of fashion house 'DALLA', and is known for his zealous attention to detail, 

Hussein sources his fabrics from Europe, whilst having his suits made in Italy. When he's not perfecting looks for his clients in Toronto, he's globe-trotting, customizing looks for musicians, actors and celebrities, alike.

Hussein symbolizes very tasteful, well put together, clean and boldly modernized pieces. He'll have you leaving his studio feeling like a brand new person, with a major shift in confidence and feel good energy.  

His goal is to have his clients come in and drop their shoulders, confiding in him to reconstruct a self image for all the reasons they're unable to do so themselves. 

Being a man, image is an understatement and Hussein wants to condition that perspective completely differently. He caters to all types of men and situations, whether you're a business professional, a man going through personal bone of contention, a man in the dating scene, or a groom to be -- Hussein wants you to come to him trustingly, allowing him to tune into his creativity and build a whole new wardrobe, tailored perfectly to your lifestyle and body type.

To him, it's more than just putting clothes on, it's about building that trust and everlasting relationship. 


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Reinvent your best self



Hussein DALLA


Hello Executive, Connoisseur, CEO of powerful importance, lawyer with a big voice and professional who wants to look their best.

As important as you are, we understand the statement of physical presence. You're busy, your schedule is full, and you're always on the go, leaving you with minimal time to create the perfect look that signifies exactly who others visually perceive you to be. We want to fade the feelings of being overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles on figuring out what to wear on your day-to-day. let us put together a professional, strong appearance that insures your physical impression is as powerful as it should be.

To the Self employed or Man of Real Estate.

understandably you need to keep your look simple, clean, savvy and some what business professional. Hussein won't allow you to sell yourself short by dimming the light on dressing the part when it comes to sales; He know's the importance of a first impression to close a deal. Allowing him to get to know you on a personal level, gives him room to passionately curate key pieces, fitting for your body type, enabling shades that compliment your physic right down to the tones of your skin.

People of the Public.

Whether you're a socialite, an anchor for media or apart of politics Hussein know's your image is your most valuable tool. He's got it down to a T when it comes to looking your best in the utmost professional manner possible. 

To the man getting hitched.

don't trust your look with just anyone; hussein's invaluable experience dressing grooms and celebrities on countless red carpets is your biggest asset on your Wedding day. It's your big day and you need someone to uniquely put together the perfect look that signify's the love you have for your better half. you want to put your best foot forward, looking your absolute best whilst tying the knot. Hussein can transform your appearance in such a way where everyone notices you from afar, saying "yes, there's the handsome groom, alongside his groomsmen." 

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